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Employee communications and engagement

We will help you engage employees both emotionally and rationally through clear, simple and consistent communications delivered using effective communications channels. The communications process will focus on strong leadership communications that will help employees feel informed, involved and inspired. Communications channels need to give employees a voice …enabling a genuine two-way dialogue to express their ideas and opinions.

Leader communications and speech writing

Both industry research and experience confirms that leaders and managers are the most powerful influencer of employee engagement.

Encouraging managers to be advocates of company strategy and the change agenda must be an integral part of the communications process.

Stakeholder management

To be successful in implementing change, all stakeholders must be fully informed of the impact on them and their teams, as well as being clear on what will happen when. A good stakeholder analysis is essential to ensure everyone is covered and to nurture them as advocates.

Change communications

Change can cause anxiety, but with the right communications process, it can also be motivating and energising. Change can be in many forms… from a strategic change that affects everyone, to distinct projects that affect specific audiences. In each case a comprehensive communications plan is required to lead audiences along the journey. 

People/HR communications

The most important asset of any business is its people… and they deserve great communications… whether it’s ‘business as usual’ such as about appraisals or pay and benefits, or whether its change, such as reorganisations or mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic communications

All employees must understand what the business is aiming for so they can shape everything they do to achieve it. Companies with good strategic communications are viewed as well led and high performing.

Communications strategy and planning

Every strategic, change or project plan requires a robust communications plan to support it …indicating clearly what needs to be communicated to whom when.

Events management

Face to face communications is vital in leading employees though change and giving leaders a platform to outline their vision. Efficiently run events, whether physical or virtual, are mission critical.

Creative writing and content management

Time is short, especially for busy employees. They want concise information… what they need to know, when they need to know it. No more and no less.

Brand development and management

Brand is the soul of the business… it needs to be cherished and nurtured. Everything employees do must enable it to grow. Damage can be costly.

Internal digital strategy and intranets

Although print still has its place, digital platforms enable communicators to deliver up to date accurate information instantly. Internal social media empowers employees to get involved in the conversation and share ideas, experience and information.

Crisis communications

If there is ever a time when you need excellence in communications, it’s in a crisis. Accurate information must be released as soon as possible or other people will fill the gaps for you.

Communications measurement

Effective measurement is used to ensure the communications process is operating effectively and driving improvement. Qualitative analysis and tracking of key metrics will show how much employees are engaging with the communications process and the extent to which outcomes are being achieved.



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